Vienna is a beautiful city with so much to explore! I went to Vienna last December a few days before Christmas and it was my favourite trip. Here I have made a list of the best things we did while we were in Vienna!

St Stephens Cathedral

This stunning Roman-Gothic Cathedral is a must see when in Vienna. It is easily reached by taking the underground to Stephensplatz station, and entry inside the Cathedral is free, however, to visit some parts there is a fee. There are guided tours of the catacombs, and the North and South towers, as well as the whole Cathedral. Tickets are available to purchase on the St Stephen’s Cathedral website to attend a concert in the Cathedral. During Christmastime there is a huge Christmas Market outside the Cathedral and are definitely worth the visit!


The Rathausplatz is a great place to visit, as multiple events are held there throughout the year, such as film festivals, Easter markets, and Christmas markets. Rathausplatz is also home to Vienna’s City hall (Vienna’s Rathaus), which offers free guided tours on certain days and times!

Schonbrunn Palace

At Schonbrunn Palace there is something for everyone! The palace offers guided tours, as well as a virtual reality experience in the palace building, or you could try a concert. This is a great place for families, as there is a children’s museum, gardens, and even a zoo, to name a few. This is truly a place you could spend a whole day.

St Karl Borromeus

This is the beautiful baroque church of St Charles Borromeo, which is another venue where you can experience a concert, or, if visiting in November or December, an amazing Christmas market! Inside there is a lift which takes you to the domes with beautiful panoramic views of the city, so is the perfect place for taking pictures!

Visit the cafes

Vienna has so many amazing cafes to choose from. My favourite was Aida cafe, right near St Stephen’s Cathedral as it was all pink! The coffee in Vienna is great, as are all the pastries and treats they have to offer.

Go to the Opera

Unfortunately, as we only had 2 days to spend in Vienna, we did not get the chance to visit the opera. However, Vienna is famous for opera and is a great activity to do there. Tickets for the Opera can be very expensive, so if you’re on a budget and have the time, you can get super cheap standing tickets if you’re prepared to queue outside for a while!

If visiting in December, go to the Christmas Markets

Although Vienna is a beautiful city any time of the year, it is particularly beautiful during Christmas-time. Vienna had the best Christmas Markets I have ever seen! There were many different Christmas markets spread across the city. My favourite was the markets at the Rathausplatz as they were huge, and they also had a light show and ice rink, as well as some delicious food! If visiting in November or December, you must go to the Christmas Markets!

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