Preparing for a puppy can be so stressful, it can be difficult to know what you will need. This list will ensure you have all the puppy essentials!

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A comfy bed

Puppies and dogs need a comfy bed as often they love to dig into it before they sleep, and it gives them a place to go an settle when training them to settle.

A crate

Pink crate

A crate can be a great tool for your puppy to give them a safe space, somewhere to sleep, and somewhere to put them to stay out of trouble when you are not able to fully supervise them.

Crate mat

Crate mat

A crate mat goes at the bottom of the crate to make it cosy for your puppy. I would recommend buying a cheap one as my puppy had quite a lot of accidents on it, so I had to wash it a lot.

Something that smells like mum

The breeder will usually give you something to take home with the puppy which smells like their mum, such as a blanket. This can be useful to give to the puppy during their first night home to help them settle.

Something that smells of you

I like to give my puppy a piece of my worn clothing to sleep with every night. This helps her to settle and not feel so alone.

Food and water bowl

One of the most important items for your pup. Make sure to give your puppy access to water at all times.

A car seat

A car seat is an essential to keep your dog safe on car journeys. I have this Car seat, which comes in a range of colours, that I like as it has walls to keep your puppy in place instead of them wandering around.

Lick mats

Lick mats are amazing for keeping your dog busy, while also giving them some extra nutrients (if you include the right foods). You can give them to your dog straight away or freeze them to make them last even longer!

These Lick mats are my favourite as they come in a pack of 3 which all have different shapes on, keeping it interesting for your pup and challenging them to get the food out. These also come with a spatula to make spreading the food on the lick mat easier, as well as a brush to clean them.

Snuffle mats

Snuffle mat

Snuffle mats are great for providing your dog with mental stimulation. To use the snuffle mat, take your dog’s kibble or treats and hide them in the mat, then allow your dog to sniff them out. This intense sniffing will definitely tire your dog out.

Puzzle toys

Beginner dog puzzle toy

Intermediate dog puzzle toy

Advanced dog puzzle toy

I love to give my puppy puzzle toys to keep her busy. There are a huge range of different puzzle toys and a range of difficulties to continue to challenge your dog. I like to put half of my puppy’s meal into the puzzle toy to make her work for her food and tire her out.

Training line

Training lines are the perfect option if you want to give your dog some freedom but haven’t yet perfected their recall or want to stay in control. I use this 10 metre training line to give my puppy the freedom to sniff and run around to burn off some energy, but also as a tool in recall training.

Cleaning neutraliser spray

This is an important tool to use when toilet training as if accidents in the house are not cleaned effectively then the smell will remain and this will encourage your puppy to continue going to the toilet in the same spot/indoors, making toilet training even more difficult.

Grooming tools


Slicker brush

Pin brush

Depending on the breed of dog you have, you will need different tools for grooming. I have a Pomeranian puppy and these are my favourite brushes I use every day to keep her coat in the best condition.

High quality shampoo and conditioner will help to keep your puppy’s coat in great condition. My groomer recommended an oatmeal shampoo as this is sensitive on the puppy’s skin and prevent itching. I like to use a shampoo, conditioner, and then finish off with a detangler and leave in conditioner.

Nutritious food

To check the nutritional value of the food, use the website, as this website recommends the best food for your dog, and shows you the nutritional value and ingredients in different brands of food.

Giving your puppy the best food you can afford sets your puppy up for life and can prevent health issues by giving them all the nutrition you need. There are also foods you can add to the puppy food to increase its nutritional value, such as vegetables, fish, and supplements.

I use Wellness Core Puppy Original dry food for my puppy as it has a high meat content and is quite affordable.

Collar, lead and harness

A collar, lead and harness are essential for taking your puppy out. For smaller dogs, harness should be used as tracheal collapse is common and so using a collar and lead for smaller breeds can be dangerous.

ID tag

An ID tag must be worn by your dog when you take them out, and it must include your name and address, and your phone number can be useful to add. However, it is not normally recommended that you include the dog’s name on the tag as this can make it easier for people to steal your dog.

Puppy treats

Puppy treats are great for training, however, they should be used sparingly. Alternatively, the puppy’s kibble can be used as rewards for training, but for training such as recall I prefer to use higher value rewards as for my puppy, kibble isnt good enough for this. I also prefer to use chicken instead of shop bought treats as my puppy prefers it and it is easy to break it into tiny pieces. If you do opt to use shop bought puppy treats, make sure they are healthy to give your pup the best nutrition.


I like to give my puppy a range of different toys with different textures and ones which make different noises such as squeaking and crinkling to keep them interested. I also rotate my dogs toys every week to prevent her from getting bored. Chew toys are so important for puppies when they are teething to provide them some relief, and to prevent them chewing up your house or your belongings. I recommend getting a range of different chew toys to keep things exciting for your puppy.


Insurance is an essential thing to look into when you decide to get a puppy as it can help cover vet bills if your puppy develops a condition. I chose to get more expensive insurance which covers my puppy for higher vet bills so I know she is protected if anything happens.


An indoor camera is an essential in my house as I like to check up on my puppy when I leave her alone while I’m out. This one has a high quality picture and amazing night visision.


Play pen

Although not an essential, a playpen can be a great option if your dog is like mine and hates the crate. It is also a good option if you do not have a puppy-proof room or to stop your dog wandering around the house.

Play pen

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